Independent Program Assessment

Prompt, Thorough, and Effective Independent Program Assessments

When regulators, board members, auditors, or other stakeholders require independent assessment of your organization’s third-party risk management program, challenges can often arise. Board assessments and similar independent oversight initiatives require a combination of third-party risk expertise, industry-specific knowledge, objectivity, and the ability to communicate assessment findings clearly and succinctly.

Complete required independent program assessments promptly and efficiently, while also providing practical feedback and guidance on needed improvements.

Crowe Independent Assessment Capabilities

Crowe independent program assessments are designed to meet the requirements of auditors, examiners, and other stakeholders. A Crowe assessment is aligned to your industry and your organization’s specific third-party relationships, leveraging technology to deliver a more efficient and responsive assessment process.

Delivering Added Value

Because of their in-depth understanding and first-hand experience with third-party risk management programs, Crowe professionals can deliver added value by providing useful feedback and recommendations for program improvements. They know how a high-performing and compliant third-party risk management program operates, and have extensive experience implementing such programs in the real world.

Crowe specialists also have a demonstrated ability to interact successfully with the internal audit function as well as with boards, audit committees, regulators, and other interested parties.

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