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Manage Risk With Third-Party Program Consulting

With third parties more intricately embedded in today’s business organizations, conventional vendor and supplier risk management tools are often inadequate. Crowe Horwath offers a range of third-party program consulting services to help you assess your third-party risk management programs and optimize their implementation to achieve compliance with regulations, effectively manage risk, and improve expense control.

Today’s Third-Party Risk Program Concerns

Businesses in closely regulated industries generally have a third-party risk policy in place – but most recognize their programs are far from optimal. Revised regulatory guidance or other events often trigger the need for a third-party program review and the follow-up activities to implement necessary upgrades.

In less closely regulated industries, third-party risk management often consists of disconnected sourcing, procurement, and vendor management activities that are ill-suited for today’s numerous, complex relationships.

Crowe Services and Solutions

Crowe offers a range of services to help optimize third-party risk management, including:

  • Maturity assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Compliance and effectiveness evaluations
  • Efficiency and optimization projects
  • Technology enablement
  • Third-party resolution planning (living will)
  • Third-party program design and documentation
  • Improvement planning and road maps

Our goal is to help you establish a consistent, predictable, repeatable third-party risk management program that’s sustainable in the long term, and adds value beyond compliance alone.

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