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Third-Party Risk Technology Enablement

Conventional spreadsheet software and other end-user computing tools are no longer adequate for managing risk in today’s complex, intricate third-party relationship programs. Our technology enablement teams can help you optimize the capabilities offered by today’s advanced third-party risk management systems.

Third-Party Data Challenges

Third-party risk management is inherently data intensive, involving the collection of information from numerous internal and external sources, along with extensive analysis and reporting. Vendor risk management systems and other supplier risk technology solutions can help you minimize your reliance on inefficient and error-prone manual processes.

Implementing and Optimizing Technology Solutions

Crowe Horwath can help you select, implement, and optimize advanced technology tools that can help with third-party risk management workflow and planning, while also automating a range of specific tasks such as maintaining vendor inventories, conducting vendor or supplier risk assessments, continuous monitoring, and timely reporting to both internal and external stakeholders.

Crowe can help you with a wide range of functions within vendor risk technology systems, including:

Helping you confirm a strategy to define your business and technical requirements, evaluate available vendor solutions, navigate the proposal process, and determine a final selection
Assisting you with the installation, configuration, and launch of third-party risk management and monitoring technology
Benchmarking your existing capabilities against industry standards, updating technology to align with your systems, and adapting your systems to take full advantage of the software’s capabilities
Helping you integrate ERM platforms or procurement and contracting systems into your enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (EGRC)

The Crowe Technology Difference

Crowe technology teams have deep knowledge of third-party risk management and draw on extensive experience in implementing, optimizing, and maintaining third-party risk technology. Our industry practitioners are vendor-certified and have hands-on experience with leading commercially available software, including RSA Archer® third-party governance, solutions from Hiperos LLC, and other widely used solutions.

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