Specialised Risk Consulting Expertise in the UK

The Crowe Risk Management Consulting team in the UK provides a suite of specialised services to clients across a range of sectors and geographies.

We help clients embed risk management activity so that it becomes an integral part of how their business operates, to help mitigate the downside, optimise the upside, and use capital efficiently and effectively.

Our core competencies include risk, actuarial, finance, programme management, change management, regulatory and compliance, technology, and data science services. By combining experience and expertise from our multidisciplinary team, we tailor solutions specific to our clients’ needs.

In order for risk management activity to add real value, it needs to be designed, implemented, and embedded to assist in delivering the business strategy. We assist clients by helping their boards to articulate their relative preferences to the risks they face, in relation to their strategic objectives. Working with a range of stakeholders, we help clients set a clear tone from the top and confirm that day-to-day risk management activities are integrated, carried out consistently, and facilitate timely, practical decision-making.

Our multidisciplinary team can assist clients by developing or enhancing their capabilities within and across a wide range of financial and operational risk types.

We can also deploy our suite of risk effectiveness assessment tools to help clients articulate their ambition for strategic risk management and the actions they need to take to reach that ambition.

Our consultants draw on their knowledge of current and emerging best practices in the specialist areas of data protection and cybersecurity. These interrelated areas often present complex, technical issues for businesses to tackle, and can quickly attract regulatory scrutiny if poorly managed.

Our consulting teams apply a pragmatic, realistic mind-set to help clients assess and remediate their risk exposure across data privacy and information security. Working alongside our clients, we use our proprietary methodologies and tools to bring them valuable insights and fresh perspectives, supporting them in the implementation and embedding of efficient approaches to the ongoing, proactive management of these risks.

We work with clients to design, implement, and optimise predictive analytics solutions to help with a range of problems and enhance existing business processes, particularly in relation to improving their customers’ journey or creating operational efficiencies.

Using our consultants’ industry experience and expertise in conjunction with our dedicated data science and applied technology teams, we can help articulate the problem, analyse the data, and use advanced machine learning algorithms to present and automate the production of complex and detailed information, in simple and easy-to-use ways.

Client projects include:

  • Automating repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy, freeing up staff to concentrate on more value-adding activities
  • Providing a more in-depth understanding of customer behaviour, including predicting customer churn, lapses, or the propensity to buy a particular product
  • Digitising and analysing huge amounts of valuable information that are embedded in electronic or paper documents.

Central to our approach to working with clients is our ability to successfully combine deep content expertise with strong delivery skills. Our programme managers and project managers work closely with our subject-matter specialists and client teams to manage the implementation of practical solutions, in a lasting, effective, and meaningful manner.

Key services include programme management, project delivery assurance, stakeholder engagement, and communication.

We recognise that all organisations are not the same, with different objectives and cultures.

As organisations become more complex, it is important to understand how their many component parts work together and how this is facilitated by the client’s culture and people. We have extensive experience in developing operating models for our clients and are able to deploy expertise across both functional domains and the broader categories of people, process, and technology.

For every organisation transformation, the change journey should be effectively planned and managed. Our approach is to work with clients to understand their current state, culture, and priorities to fit the new or enhanced design to its purpose and begin to deliver benefits to the business as soon as possible. We work with our clients’ people to communicate effectively, raise awareness, and encourage buy-in and commitment to the change.

Key services include operating model design, culture assessment, communication services, leadership coaching, and training.

Our consulting team has experience working with a variety of regulatory bodies, which helps us to interpret and understand regulatory change. By providing thought leadership and pragmatic delivery expertise, we help organisations understand and meet regulatory and compliance requirements in a manner which also helps deliver business benefits.

Areas of regulatory change where we continue to assist our clients include:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including subject-matter expertise and programme management, delivery of compliance risk assessments on a company's current position, gap analyses, and remediation, including the development of policies and standards
  • IFRS 17 for the insurance sector, including helping companies understand the strategic implications of the new accounting standard and make appropriate changes to models, systems, and processes
  • Solvency II, for our insurance clients, including expertise across all three pillars, with a focus on helping to ensure that risk management is at the heart of capital management and decision making.
  • Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR)
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) for asset and wealth management clients
  • For financial services firms, we conduct Skilled Person reviews as a member firm of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Skilled Person Panel. We also directly support clients who are subject to a review by a third-party Skilled Person.

We provide a range of training and education services, with a particular focus on helping learners understand the implications of the content on both their role and the wider business. In addition to skills, regulatory, and technical training, we provide training on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Board and senior management training – to enhance risk-based decision-making and help maintain the balance between delivering on promises to customers and satisfying shareholders. The training is facilitated by our Business Simulation Tool to support sessions that are engaging and relevant.
  • GDPR – an online solution designed to build knowledge and understanding across the whole organisation of the new regulations and the importance of data privacy and protection
  • ERM – an online package designed to enable a broad understanding of ERM in six main topic areas
  • Senior Managers and Certification Regime – on online course designed to provide an overview of the new regime and associated changes to roles and responsibilities
  • Solvency II training – helping those affected by Solvency II fully understand how the regulations affect their role and the wider organisation
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