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Navigate the Complexities of Global Business

As companies expand globally, their international tax strategies must become more integrated and responsive. The global network of international tax specialists from Crowe Horwath LLP can assist your organization in understanding the nuances of international tax compliance reporting, treaty networks, human capital issues, and trade or customs challenges. We can deliver value by helping you better understand your international tax situation and how it aligns to your global business strategy.

Our international tax services include:

Transfer Pricing

Crowe helps multinational organizations reduce uncertainty in measuring and reporting the results of transactions across diverse tax jurisdictions. Our transfer pricing experience includes helping global companies address complex international tax issues. We provide due diligence that can reduce risks and resolve inquiries, along with detailed analyses to help guide cross-border decisions.

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Indirect Tax (VAT/GST)

Our international tax professionals can help you identify and prepare for indirect taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST). Crowe VAT practitioners can help multinational organizations reduce uncertainty in measuring and reporting the tax implications of transactions in and across a wide range of jurisdictions.  Our services focus on maintaining compliance and enhancing efficiencies through management, control design, process improvement, and refund and recovery.

Customs & Global Trade

Our international tax solutions can facilitate global trade compliance, reducing the likelihood of customs issues, penalties, and excessive duties. We can review processes and establish policies to help streamline cross-border trade.

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Global Mobility

We go beyond tax return preparation to provide services for global workforces such as talent planning, tax equalization, risk management, compliance, and mobile technology.

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Our international tax consulting services can help you execute your global tax strategy. Our team of responsive, focused specialists have the right mix of deep industry knowledge, global coverage, and technical expertise to help you make smart tax decisions.

Delivering Seamless International Tax Consulting

Crowe can keep you up to date on international tax laws and global tax compliance developments that may have implications on accounting for income taxes:

BEPS - Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

Crowe can help consolidate base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) reporting, increase transparency, and align your tax and business models.

FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

We can help you address the tax, technology, and operational issues resulting from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and provide personalized assistance with compliance and reporting.

Crowe's tax specialists have deep expertise in international tax planning and can help your multinational organization address your most complex international tax and compliance issues.

Our international tax services are connected to a network of highly skilled specialists through Crowe Horwath International, one of the 10 largest networks in the world. As a leading North American member, our reputation for high-quality tax and business expertise is the foundation for delivering comprehensive services to multinational organizations around the globe.

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