Crowe International Tax Manager® Solution

Streamline Compliance with the Crowe International Tax Manager Solution

For U.S. corporations with foreign operations, the penalties for incomplete or incorrect tax returns can be severe. To streamline the process and reduce the risk of noncompliance, Crowe Horwath LLP has developed the Crowe International Tax Manager solution, a powerful web-based tool to help organizations gather tax-related information, share it easily, reduce the cost of preparing returns, and reduce the risk of inaccurate or incomplete filings.

The Crowe International Tax Manager solution is a powerful tool that automates much of the information-gathering and form-completion processes to help you identify exposure and reduce the risk of steep IRS penalties due to incomplete forms or noncompliance related to foreign activities.

Simplified and Scalable for All Size Companies

The Crowe International Tax Manager solution can facilitate clear communication and a seamless workflow, both within your organization and between your employees and Crowe tax professionals. A scalable design accommodates companies of all sizes.

  • Reduced Risk: The streamlined return preparation process increases efficiency and accuracy, helping to reduce the risk of IRS penalties.
  • Efficient Input: Automated information gathering eliminates manual data entry and allows for document sharing, facilitating clear communication, and a seamless workflow. The tool allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously, expediting form completion and automating progress tracking, which enables managers to see the status of each form in real time.
  • Intuitive Process: Dynamic review guides users through a series of simple-to-understand questions, and the information automatically populates to applicable tax forms such as IRS Form 5471 (foreign corporations), Form 8858 (foreign disregarded entities), and Form 8865 (foreign partnerships).

The Crowe International Tax Manager solution offers advanced features to streamline your international tax compliance efforts.

Automated requests: Eliminate time-consuming questionnaire distribution and tracking to complete applicable forms for any number of foreign entities. Increased return on investment: Users in any location can log into a web-based platform that streamlines interactions, resulting in less effort in the tax preparation process.
Project management: Easily assign tasks, track progress, and review status in a web-based user interface. Reduce frustration: Simply stated questions and an easy-to-use interface facilitate information sharing and can reduce disruption associated with excessive data requests.
Centralized data collection: Upload trial balances and eliminate duplication, cumbersome spreadsheets, and inefficiencies by having information all in one place Divide and conquer: Quick and easy assignment of responsibilities supports effective project management and provides for dynamic collaboration.
Real-time data transfer. Populate applicable tax forms with data for review in a universally accessible Adobe® Acrobat® software format. Maintain control. A status dashboard allows monitoring of filing status to make tight compliance deadlines more achievable, even for complex organizations with a significant number of filings.
Secure environment. Protect sensitive information with designated user access, assigned based on the permissions you determine. Promote consistency. Information requests follow a logical workflow allowing users to provide required information through smart queries.
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