Sales & Use Tax

Sales and Use Tax Consulting and Compliance

Tax rates and bases vary by jurisdiction, and states are constantly changing the rules to raise additional revenues. For companies with Internet sales, the pressure to comply with varying tax ordinances is intensified. Crowe Horwath LLP can help with an impartial review of sales and use tax processes to help reduce the risks of noncompliance, improve efficiency, and identify tax savings opportunities.

Our tax specialists conduct an objective review of current processes before recommending an optimization strategy. Our broad range of service options includes:

  • Refund recovery studies
  • Sales and use tax return preparation using technology solutions
  • Process improvement and systems consulting
  • Taxability determinations and matrices
  • Nexus studies and voluntary disclosures
  • Audit defense, managed audits, and formulary rate reporting
  • Utility studies
  • E-commerce transaction planning

Crowe Use Tax Simplifier
The Crowe Use Tax Simplifier was designed by Crowe tax specialists to help streamline use tax compliance. This solution applies customized tax decision criteria to batch-processed purchase data to make efficient, standardized, and fully documented use tax decisions.

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Daniel Megathlin
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