Tax Simplifier Solution

Crowe Use Tax Simplifier Solution: Effectively Addressing Use Tax Compliance

For many companies, use tax compliance is a time-consuming, inefficient process. Tax specialists often are not involved in the use tax compliance process, and personnel responsible for completing tax returns might lack the training and resources needed to adequately address use tax decisions.

Shortcomings can often lead to significant and recurring tax errors. Meanwhile, taxing jurisdictions are continually increasing scrutiny of use tax compliance. Assessments of taxes, penalties, and interest, along with time-consuming documentation demands from tax auditors and costly professional fees, are often the result.

How Crowe Can Help
The Crowe Use Tax Simplifier solution applies customized tax decision criteria to batch-processed purchase data to make efficient, standardized, and fully documented use tax decisions. The solution provides several benefits:

  • Increased accuracy and staff efficiency. Eliminates manual use tax review processes, significantly decreasing monthly use tax compliance time.
  • Better audit management. Mitigates surprise assessments of use taxes, penalties, and interest and reduces staff time on audits.
  • Current identification of tax overpayments. Minimizes after-the-fact refund recoveries and related costly professional fees.
  • Significant cost savings. Provides a customized use tax automation solution at a fraction of the cost of other specialized applications.
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