Doing ERP Right

In this podcast we talk about implementing enterprise systems in a totally unique way. It tackles the massive process improvements you expect with such an implementation … and simultaneously nails the design of highly efficient operational procedures, and strategic and regulatory controls. We talk about creating coherence between your performance improvement objectives and the necessary controls to manage risk in your business. We talk about implementing ERP on time and on budget while realizing tangible business improvement and optimizing organizational risk management.
  • Is there an IPO in your future or maybe you’re a public company rethinking your enterprise systems and want those systems to meet internal control requirements.
  • Was your last significant ERP upgrade several years ago?
  • Will your company be reporting financials under International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS, but your financial systems don’t yet support these requirements?
  • Have you suffered control, security, or privacy breakdowns?

Your host, Len Netti, squares off with business improvement specialist Josh Cole and risk management specialist Rick Julien to bring you timely, valuable, and actionable information on these important issues.